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Congratulations to our Olympians (BDN)

Today, we celebrate Kirani James' return from his golden performance at the just concluded 2012 London Olympics. We seize this historic moment to congratulate every one of the athletes who represented our dear Country at the Games: we celebrate and pay homage to their single-minded focus, their personal sacrifices and their gru-gru-hard determination.

Our thanks are also heaped upon the deserving heads of the members of the Grenada Olympic Committee under the dedicated leadership of Mr Royston La Hee.

Kirani's Gold Medal in the 400 meters gave Grenada its first gold medal since first participating in 1984, and the first even for the eastern Caribbean sub-region. Kirani's quintessential sportsmanship, as highlighted in his exchange of tags with Oscar Pistorius - the inspiring double amputee - is recognized by many around the world as one of the highlights of the 2012 Olympiad.

Of course the winning of medals is not the only measurement of success: The personal and family sacrifices of many of our Olympians are deserving of gold medals in their own rights: some placed their careers on hold, incurred tremendous expenses, went through rigorous routines, conditioning their minds and bodies for many years to perform at peak levels; and this they did just to put Grenada first!

We should be inspired by the accomplishments of all our athletes who represented our Nation at the London Olympics: Rondell Bartholomew (400m), Kurt Felix (Decathlon), Esau Simpson, (Swimming 50 Meters & 100 Meter Freestyle) , Andrea St. Bernard (Taekwondo), Joel Redhead (Athletics 200 M), Neisha Bernard-Thomas (Athletics 800 M), Paul Williams (Athletics 100M), Kanika Beckles (Athletics 400M), Janelle Redhead (Athletics 200M).

Let the success of our humble and proud athletes serve as a metaphor for Grenadian grit. Like the Olympics, the task of nation- building is about overcoming obstacles and barriers, be they physical or mental, or simply the goal of getting from the starting line to the finish line by the best use of your finite resources.

Let Kirani's success remind us that winning begins in a certain psychological disposition, and beyond the psychological we must commit to disciplined hard work. Let us be inspired by Kirani et al to develop the Olympian state of mind with planning, mutual respect within and without the team, preparation and performance on the big stage.

Sue Patrice, Martin Felix, Caldwell Taylor


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