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Preview  - Capitalism and Slavery

Capitalism and Slavery in New York: Uncovering the brutal truth

By Martin P. Felix

Grenada Labour Segment

December 17, 1918 and the Birth of the Caribbean Nation

Caribbean nationhood was born in Taranto, Italy, on this day (December 17) in 1918 when West Indian soldiers came together to form the Caribbean League, calling for independence for the West Indies and the creation of West Indian federation.
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A Brief History of the Grenada Labor Movement by Martin Felix

Brief History and Present Realities of Grenadian Labor
Martin P. Felix

August 1st marks the 168 anniversary of African emancipation from slavery in Grenada and throughout the Caribbean.  As we mark this important milestone, a critical measurement of how far we have traveled is to review our progress in Grenada labor movement. Emancipation from chattel slavery and worker’s empowerment are the beginning and end points of the continuum of complete civil rights.


LABOUR DAY by Caldwell Taylor


Slavery and Emancipation Segment

Merle Collins & Wendell Deriggs
Remembering Emancipation Day

By Merle Collins

The following is the text of an Emancipation Day talk given at Roxborough Catholic Church, St. Paul's, before the mass on Sunday 4th August, 2002.

August 1st is a day of great importance to our lives.  It is the day on which we should take time to remember the struggle of our ancestors for emancipation, that is, for freedom from enslavement.  There are two major dates to think of when we mention emancipation:  1st August 1834 and 1st August 1838


In Memory Segment

Canute Emmanuel Calliste, 1914- 2005
Caldwell Taylor
Canute Emmanuel Calliste, 1914 - 2005


Remembering Alister Hughes

RIP Clive Bradley

Pan arranger for Witco Desperadoes died in Trinidad on Saturday,  November 26th, 2006 after suffering a stroke.

       by Caldwell Taylor

Clive Bradley's passing brings to mind what for me is the greatest tribute ever paid to the pannist and the steelband. This "greatest" tribute is the Barbadian novelist George Lamming's "Season of Adventure", the first major literary work to celebrate the steelband. This 1960 novel begins:

"Beyond the horizon of the trees it was too black to see the sky. But the music was there, loud as gospel
to the believer's ears. It was the music of the Steel Drums, hard, strident and clear: a muscled current of sound swept over the tonelle.  The women's voices followed, chanting a chorus of faiths that would soon astonish the night. They sang in order to resurrect the dead".

Our Caribbean cultures remain deeply rooted in and beholden to funerary feasts like Saraka, Dinki mini, Bongo, Big Drum and "Praise":Our ancestors knew that culture began with a nod to the  " Old Parents' Plate". Clive has departed the pan tent, but his resurrection is assured for as long as the makers of our culture understand the relationship between continuity and change.

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