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September - December,  2005

 Animal Been Butchered  

Now it is after midnight
And the butchers arrive
With their knives, rope and scale
They shine the masanto
In the bull face
And it shake its tail
This is the hour
For the bull to be slaughtered

The animal watches around
And shake its head
Then it takes a deep breath
As the butchers try to tie
Rope to its feet

Now is the hour
The animal has rope
Tied to its feet
And it is being led away

By the head butcher
To the place where it will be killed
Like a condemned person

The animal begins to struggle
The rope begin to draw tighter
Under the slaughter iron
Its neck becomes uncomfortable
As death is seconds away
The head butcher advances over
And stab the bull behind its head
Without any struggle the bull
Falls down like a a tree
And becomes harmless

The head butcher pushes the knife
Inside the bull chest
And blood flow like a river
Coming from a fountain
And the bull shake its tail
For the last time
It moves its legs for the last time
And its eyes wink no more

The bull is dead
An animal is brutally murdered
A legal death according to society laws
The butchers hang  up the dead bull with rope
They skin the bull
And divide it into four quarters
And begin to sell meat for the villagers
The animal is dead
The festive season begins

  1987 Hudson George

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