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The Dream is alive!!!

 The dream is alive.
You gave birth to it. Reach out, touch it. 

Fragile like lifeís kiss of a breath from the lips of a newborn babe.
Like crystal raindrops on the petal of a rose
Be careful donít you drop it. 

Savour the sweetness.
Taste it. 

It is a love song of hope, a chant of peace, a thankful hymn of faith in the unseen.
Sing it.

Never release it. 
Lest it fall into the miry abyss of hopelessness and the myth of impossibility.

 Protect it.
Green slanting eyes are reaching out to grab it.
The  unsuspecting smiling villains want  to kill it

Shield it but do not stifle it
Seize it without squeezing it

Nurture it. For in dreams are born visions.
And in visions there is hope.
And in hope there is no limit.
The dream is alive.
Within your reach.
Hold it. Never let it go.

For a dream is naught but a part of the soul
Made manifest to the mind.
The phoenix rises out of the grey and miry ash
And comes to life in death
The dream dies in our lives
And can never resurrect itself from the useless ash of disbelief
The dream is alive

 © 2001 Ė Akima Paul.  All rights reserved.


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