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January - April,  2005


When God created Grenada,
He placed in that part of nature,
Some special spices of sweet fragrance,
So we can have the ďIsle of SpiceĒ,
And thatís Grenada.  Oh! Itís a paradise! 

I remember lofty mountains, rolling plains,
Dense rain forests, and sugar cane.
And smell the fragrant spices:  ginger, cinnamon,
Bay leaf, tanker bean, cocoa bean, nutmeg, pimento,
Clove, and the taste of those flavorful mangoes! 

Oh!  How I remember
Our picturesque and exotic Grenada,
As I live in beautiful America.
Oft times my mind embraced,
The constellation of a starry night,
And the magnificence of a tropical moon,
Shinning down on the sleepy lagoon,
As I ate at Nutmeg Restaurant,
Or while swimming at night. 

I remember crystal clear seawater,
And white, shinning sand of Grand Anse Beach,
As I strolled in the cool sea breeze,
And see the mystical wonder of a tropical sunset,
Before the night bids me, come and rest. 

But then I heard the wind whispers,
Oh Grenada!  Where are my sons and daughters?
Who have traveled to distant, cold lands?
In search of adventure and higher education?
Oh! my children return, letís hold hands,
For Iím still lovely and full of balm. 

Ever so often I must go,
Back to the place I love so,
And refresh my weary soul,
In that place called Grenada,
The land of our ancestors.

 © May 1998 Marjorie  Buckmire                         

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