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January - April,  2005

 MY Grand Mother Tell Me

My grand mother tell me
The water in the kitchen
Is for the pig in the yard

She tell me before mule back had sores
Fly used to live

My grand mother tell me
Where the cow tie
Is there it has to graze

She tell me to play with dogs
But not with their tail

She tell me if you have to kill ant
Kill it with the biggest stone

My grand mother tell me
If you have patience
You will see ants belly

She tell me
How the rain set up
Is not so it does fall

My grand mother tell me,
See for yourself
Wey pu ku

My grand mother tell me
What is yours is yours
Slaw se slaw

She tell me
Play with puppy
Puppy lick you mouth

My grand mother tell me
Whenever the drum beat
People must dance

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