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Oil Down

By Hudson F George  

Peel a bread fruit
Peel a pawpaw
Light a fire
Light it with piece of fiber 
Pick a coconut
Grate it; great the kernel on a grater
Add some water
Get a strainer
Strain out he water into the pot
Throw away the husks
Let the fire get hot
Upon three stones, rest the pot
Put some salt meat 
Put it quick
Into the pot, both lean and fat
Put the breadfruit into the pot
Add some curry, a little pepper and some safran
|And the papaw
And some dashin leave on top of that
|Get a cover
Cover the pot over the hot fire
Let it steam and 'kusumere' till it dries
While it is steaming, push the fire
Don't let it die
|Let it boil on and on
Then you will have OIL DOWN

By Hudson F George 1983  


By Hudson F George   

The goat to slaughter
The rice to cook
The pumkin to peel
The drums to beat
The shango leader to start the ritual
Banana leaves spread on the ground
This is a offering
Something is wrong in the house
The dry season too long
We need rain 
The children are ready to eat
Here comes the spirits of Orisha
When we think about our roots in Africa
Is Saraca

By Hudson F George 1991


At the Mountain Looking At The Fountain  

By Hudson F George   

You standing at the top of the mountain
Watching the water as it flows through the fountain
You feeling the breeze coming from the sea
And shaking the leaves of the tree  

You watching the river running down the valley
You see the village, you hate civilization
You hate society  

You dressed like the first human being
You admire creation
You consider society to be corruption

 You standing at the top of the mountain
Looking towards society with pity
Saying, it should not be a world 
Of selfishness and vanity
Not knowing you are selfish too
You running away from the struggle which is life

 You standing at the top of the mountain
Looking at life, the world uncertain
You don't want to struggle any longer
You think tomorrow it would be all over
But you don't know the fountain is a positive water
It springs life which is natural  

By Hudson F George 1985


I Pick The Ground, But Winter Is Coming

By Hudson F George

I pick the ground with my pick axe
It hit a stone
It break a rock
Langstaff and Keele Street I am working
Winter Is Coming  

I pick the ground
With my head facing down
Some light snow fall on my winter coat
My toes are freezing
My feet get numb, but I am working
Winter is coming

I use my shovel to pick up the gravel
I sing the song
"The First Time Ever I Saw you Face"
By Roberta Flock
I remember Ilyn during high school
When I was only fourteen
I still love her
Although she was not my girl friend
Just a good friend

Then the coffee truck come
I buy a coffee
And went inside the shack
I remember Patricia 
How much she had love me
I feel sorry for myself
Because I am still a bachelor
Both girls are married now  

I pick the ground with my pick axe
I carry the gravel in a wheel-barrow
My dream is working hard today
And if I am lucky
I will meet another nice girl tomorrow
Winter is coming  

By Hudson F George 1988


Black Woman Smarten Up

 By Hudson F George   

How can I take you to Honest Ed
Dufferin Mall
And shop every week ends
And things so expensive at Eaton's Centre  

I am working for minimum wages
I have rent to pay
My family back home to support
Look winter is coming
I need a new coat

 Woman you can't understand!
This is a capitalist society
And we black people are in the minority
Not too much of us own businesses

Is on the production line every day we slaving
Girl time to smarten up
Save a dollar
For when the children get bigger
You want them meet what we meet?
If it happens, they will suffer
So let us save   some money
And forget all that unuseless vanity

 We have to stop
Too much big shop
Eaton's Centre, Dufferin Mall
And honest Ed
Gal use your head
If not, in poverty we go dead

  By Hudson F George 1985 


Why did I kill the The Frog

 By Hudson F George

 Maybe I was seven years old 
For the most
I was still in primary school
And I remember killing a bull-frog
That fell in a pit 
That was dug to build a latrine

 Now it is over three decades
And I can still see myself killing the frog
With sticks, stones and a bamboo rod  

Now as I grow up to be a mature man
I am still asking myself the question
Why did I kill the frog?
That big frog!
Most likely it was a female

Poor creature!
It did not do me anything wrong
Yet, I killed the frog for no reason

I must confess today
I am sorry
I killed the peaceful frog 
I hope it forgive me
As I keep asking the question again
Why did I kill the frog?

  By Hudson F George 1997


Our definitions of love 

 By Hudson F George

 Love is lovely
Love is money

Love is beautiful in the sun  

Love is night
Love is day
Love is dark
Love is bright
Love is alright
Love is something to hold on tight

 Love is beauty
love is handsome
Love is tall
Love is academics
Love is economics
Love is occupation 
Love is music
Love is food 
Love is very good 
when it is implemented 
In the right mood  

By Hudson F George 2000


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