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Yesterday's Realities....Today's Fantasies

It was
let’s go see who go reach under de mango tree first!
why de sun runnin wid me… and stop when ah stop?
we was roasting nuts and busting bamboo 

Ah Coming! 

my mind is my playing field
it is my wandering mind that conjures up my childhood
and brings back those wonderful, funny memories
it is the recognition of faces… no just familiarity
that gladens the searching, longing heart

Ah Coming!

It was
my reveries that gives me my connection to yester-year
I connect with family and friends in the silence of night
when I’m not the controller of my minds eye
the unconscious takes me back then and there.. to play
but sadly, rudely returns me to reality.. in the early morn,

Ah Coming! 

To that wondrous Place where I came into being
to share my Sunshine… and yet not to dine in my time
to play in the field where my small footprints led me .. to my dreams
to share in Its naturalness, to joyously shine, to take wings!

Ah Coming! Home!

Anne (Janice) Farray
© January 2004


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