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Chitan was a man with an ingenious plan
He thought he could cover a latrine pit with straw and bay sand.
As daring as he may, he walked over the pit
To “ram” the sand down for a perfect fit.
Needless to say he sank deep to his nose
And his wife had to rope him out
And spray him down with a hose.

 Afoo used to walk with a little hop and drop
When Waass put “two bull” on him
Near Miss Chemie shop.
Afoo flew down Chapel Road heading for the jetty

Jumped over a parked car

Owned by Bogart and Litty.
Mano came on the block to inquire with a smile,
How come Clara Broko Boy pass him
Running minute-per-mile?

Roy used to ride his donkey where ever he “go”
Even when he “load-up” the beast with three bags of wet cocoa.
One day, Jackasall boys were looking for thrill,
And plugged the donkey on the brink of Canal Hill.

Terry, alias Coocoose, was the professional maco
He could “plumb” every man anywhere they go.
He could read body language and tell which man will score
And find himself at the exact place
In the bush, or near the seashore.
Terry bragged about not being caught due to his feline skill
Until the night he fell asleep on somebody’s window sill.

Sou-Sin, a vendor, operated a mauby and sea moss stand
Right across the street from the Grenville police station.
She distributed her concoction under the brand name “Set”
And marketed it with a staccato, cackling call
Set, Set, Set! Come get your Set. Set, Set, Set!
Of course, never was Sou-Sin without a customer
The drunken sailor to Magistrate Ginger patronized her.

Many were the years when El Stinko was queen
And all LaBaye people knew all men that wasn’t clean.
Remember when Waygar and Doondan, two chupidy
Provided entertainment in LaBaye for free
And Bubut was always the champion Winer
At all competitions in the DeLuxe Cinema.

Long before the days of lavatory,
Human excrement was handled by Sammy.
He carried the excrement in buckets around and about
And the people endeared him with the name, Shit Scout.

And how about the days when the bay teemed with many a prominent fishmonger
Nimrod, SooSoo Cox, Naie, Joe Stones, Joe Brush, and Big Mouth Costa.
They affectionately responded to the name dryland-fisherman
Even Miss Benjamin!

© W. Valentine Douglas. April 2001


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