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January - April,  2005

 Teach me Granny, Teach me (for the little ones)

Teach me Granny teach me,
Connect me to your past,
Cherished mores of yesterday,
Some values that should last,
For I can truly be myself,
And proud from whence I came,
Not swept by every wind of change,
Or called by other name.

Tell me of the shango dance,
Sky Red and camboulay,
Black sage, big thyme and lemon grass,
RESPECT you showed in class.

Tell me of the ligaroo,
Maypole and jooking board,
And days expensive fancy food,
You hardly could afford.

Tell me of the pan cup,
The blue you put in clothes,
The grater and the swizzle stick,

Tell me before you doze.
Tell me of the sucking leech,
Drew blood from poisoned spot,
Your skill in making Christmas cake,
And O! the nice fried bake.

Tell me of the slate you used,
To write your name in school,
Ring around the roses,
The time you played the fool.

Tell me of the sou sou,
You joined to pay the rent,
And that good for nothing Grand Pa
Who gave you not a cent.

Tell me how you sat and knit,
The vests for newly born
And all that yummy food you made,
With just a pound of corn.

Tell me of the stories,
Told under mango tree,
Kerosene lamp that shed the light,
So every one could see.

Tell me of the concerts,
The fair and harvest ripe,
And what you gave the babies,
When little bellies gripe.

Tell me of the things Granny,
That made Grenadians proud,
Tell me and I promise you,
I'll shout it out aloud.

Talk to me dear Granny,
Before you say good bye,
And I will tell my little ones,
When you are in the sky.

  2005 Anthony Wendell Deriggs.

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